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Office Extend FAX is designed to serve the facsimile transmission requirements of medium to large organizations.

Its ease of installation and use coupled with its wide variety of access modes make it a natural for organizations with an installed base of HP3000, Unix, or PC networked computers.


  • Direct host interface via TCP/IP
  • WAN "least cost" routing
  • HP3000 client
  • Windows client
  • Unix client also available
  • Multi-board, multi-vendor support

How it works

The Office Extend Fax server resides on a Windows or Windows 95 pc connected to your network. The fax board(s) reside in this server, and this server listens for fax requests from various clients (including HP3000s, PCs, or Unix systems). When requests are received, the fax goes into a queue waiting on the next available outbound line. Once a line becomes available, the fax server attempts to deliver the fax. Retries are made automatically if required until the fax is delivered or the system determines that it cannot be delivered - at which point delivery (or non-delivery) confirmation is reported back to the sending client.

The HP3000 client is a background process that monitors a specified spooled device (for example dev=FAX) for files to deliver. Once a file is found, it is scanned for delivery information; this information can be contained in the ;FORMS= message on the spoolfile, or coded as ascii text in the beginning of the spool file. The monitor process then transmits the file to the server for delivery. Upon completion, a confirmation/status message is returned to the monitor process by the server and logged to a message file on the HP3000.

Pc clients on the network with the Office Extend Fax client installed see a local printer (HP Laserjet Series II compatible) in their list of available printers. Any application can write to this printer, which is then picked up by the fax client and forwarded over to the fax server. Upon completion, the status of the fax is returned to the client where it can be viewed. Custom overlays and cover pages can be included. Management of scheduled faxes includes viewing, printing, rescheduling, as well as shared and personal phonebooks and distribution lists.


The gateway platform is expandable as required, supporting up to 32 fax modems or more. In WAN environments, Office Extend can interoperate multiple fax gateway platforms strategically placed throughout the WAN. Fax requests can then be routed to the closest geographical server to the destination. These multiple gateways can be controlled from a central point, if desired.

Automatic printing of incoming faxes and scanner support with automatic page feed for client PC's or directly from the fax server are supported. Logs and billing statistics are collected by the system and can be exported for analysis and reporting.

HP3000 Client Capabilities

Office Extend operates as a host print device offering a transparent pathway to the fax server -- even from legacy applications. Overlayed forms, designed by the customer or supplied with the package, can be used to transmit purchase orders, invoices, and other data from existing host applications.

Host packages which are designed to print to LaserJets can use Office Extend's integral PCL5 emulator to create forms, graphics, logos -- in fact any LaserJet- compatible output for direct fax transmission.

Log and billing data can be returned to the originating host for operation control and analysis.

Host-based software to support Office Extend FAX is available for Hewlett-Packard 3000 Series computers as well as most Unix platforms.


For the Gateway

For HP3000 Hosts

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Unix Systems

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