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3k Associates announces new e-mail client security feature

3k Associates, the innovator in Internet and communications connectivity solutions for HP 3000 servers, has added several a new security feature to it's POP mail servers for HP3000 computers.

Pop mail clients "log into" a mail server by sending the mailbox name and password over the network. As organizations increasingly take advantage of WANs and the Internet to grant client access to their mail servers, the sending of this sensitive information "in the clear" over a network where automated "sniffers" are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated becomes an increasing concern.

To satisfy these concerns, 3k Associates has implemented an alternate client authentication method supported by many Internet mail clients called "APOP". "APOP" uses an MD5 encrypted "hash code" of the password and other unique information to authenticate client mailbox access. This strong one-way encryption method provides added security for clients accessing their mailboxes over any network that could potentially be "monitored".

3k Associates, Inc's manager of R&D, Chris Bartram, added "we're excited to bring enhanced security to our mail servers, and excited that HP3000s are now one of the few platforms available with this authentication method available. We make it a point to follow all new e-mail standards and proposals, and work to bring these technologies to the HP3000 installed base."

3k Associates is the only vendor to provide a full spectrum of e-mail solutions for HP3000 computers; from an Internet gateway for HPOpenDesk, to a host based mail system with full Internet access, to a client-server POP3 compatible mail solution.

3k Associates provides expert MPE integration solutions for the Internet and organizational communications, including NetMail/3000, DeskLink, its Solutions Building WWW site and Internet consulting and configuration services. For more information call +44 1480 492400 worldwide or send e-mail to 3k Associates also operates a World Wide Web information page that can be accessed at

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