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HP3000 Software
Links to HP 3000 public domain software resources
This page last updated on October 04, 2007 05:49 PM

Public domain software directory for the HP 3000 from 3k Associates' server and links to a few other sites.
(general utilities and other misc. items)
Find links to SAMBA, GNU, Perl, Java, Bind, Apache and other MPE/iX POSIX ports here.

New!Visit the MACS/Ecometry shared software library here!New!
New!Tim Ericson's collection of MPE/iX Command Files and UDCsNew!
Some nifty utilities from the geniuses at Allegro.
HP's Jazz HP 3000 Web Server. (useful HP3000-related info and POSIX applications ported to MPE/iX)
Beechglen Development's software downloads (command files and management utilities)
Telamon's ftp server software repository. (File transfer, compression utilities, network clock utility and more)