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                     Product enhancement report
                       Updated: 03/23/2007


Fixed Date
 in   Code    Description
---- -------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
     02/09/05 The Installation job (threekld.pub.sys) now looks for and uses
               on-line store-to-disc files (if present). Checking first for
               THREEKTP.UPDATE.THREEK, then THREEKTP.PUB.SYS. If not found,
               it defaults to using the tape drive. If found, the file must
               have the correct mpe filecode (2501=STORE), and the file is
               PURGEd after data is successfully restored from it.

**** ******** JANITOR PROGRAM
B.07 98/07/14 No longer opens "janitor" spoolfile unless there are entries to
              report (no more empty "janitor" spoolfiles every day)

**** ******** MAILDUMP PROGRAM
B.03 95/12/18 Now extracts mailing lists also
A.06 94/05/12 Modified program to ONLY extract records that had ADVERTISE=Y
              *and* whose HOME-NODE=

**** ******** MAILFROM PROGRAM
A.00 96/08/13 Initial release
B.09 02/07/15 Corrected version numbering scheme

**** ******** MAILUPD PROGRAM
B.07 98/03/18 Modified status messages slightly; now displays "Adding",
              "Deleting" or "Updating" and the mailbox name
B.06 97/02/14 Modified for new SMTPDB (mail database) fields
B.05 96/08/28 Converted to Native mode
B.05 96/08/28 If a local $system/$public/global mailing list already exists
              for a transaction that wants to add a mailbox, then the trans
              is now skipped and a message printed out
A.06 94/05/12 Modified program to only process updates for records whose
              HOME-NODE are NOT = 

**** ******** NETEDIT PROGRAM
B.02 95/10/22 Changed the "beginning-of-terminal" and "end-of-terminal"
              screen markers to something less likely to confuse terminal
              emulators.  It is believed that this was causing terminal
A.06 94/05/06 Added a blank line counter; netedit will stop reading the screen
              after 200 blank lines; added as a safety measure to prevent a
              runaway application when someone inadvertantly enters an escape
              sequence on the screen, or in the event of a datacomm error

**** ******** NETMAIL JOB STREAM
     02/07/18 Removed all RBL(blacklist) CIVars and JCWs from the job
               stream and moved them to RBL.XEQ.THREEK. The job stream
               now XEQ's that file (if enabled). RBL.XEQ.THREEK was also
               added to the UPDTSPAM.JOB.THREEK job stream, so the latest
               version of all the blacklist files will be pulled from our
               ftp server whenever the UPDTSPAM job is run (which also
               pulls down the EXCLUDES (blocked IP list) and REFUSE (blocked
               domain names) files.

**** ******** NETMAIL PROGRAM
B.09 07/03/23 Fixed parser so a local user can enter an email address that
               is actually an alias (in ALIASES file); such addresses are
               handled the same as deferred check addresses (i.e. if the
               address was preceeded with a "&")
B.09 06/02/17 Increased tempfile size (used for list of messages in menu
               mode) from 4096 to 8192
              Added checks to list'mail routine to properly catch EOF if
               the (above) workfile fills up
B.09 04/01/09 Fixed bug where messages sent using MENU mode interface lost
               pc-style filename extensions on attachments
B.09 04/01/09 Fixed PCFILES file parsing and added comments to PCFILES file.
              Record size increased to 90 bytes to accomodate QUOTED-PRINTABLE
               as an allowed encoding type. Also noted in PCFILES that BINHEX
               and UUENCODE can be explicitly specified
B.09 04/01/08 Any text file with record size>1023 bytes will automatically
               be encoded using quoted-printable
B.09 04/01/07 Fixed support for APPLICATION/VND.WRQ-HP3000-LABELLED
               attachment types
B.09 03/12/10 *Note; NETMAILERRCODE is a JCW set to a secondary status
               after various error conditions.
                0:  no error
                1:  mail system locked out (LOCKOUT.PUB.THREEK)
                2:  not licensed and not an internal use of netmail
                3:  more mailboxes defined than license allows
                4:  2-user version not licensed to be used in batch jobs
                5:  wingspan (internal) error initializing terminal
                6:  unable to dbopen SMTPDB.DATABASE.THREEK
                7:  internal error calling JobInfo intrinsic
                8:  unable to determine mailbox (check ALIASES)
                9:  secured mailsystem; user must be added by administrator
                10: mailbox not accessible via current logon
                11: mailbox not found
                12: error calling dbinfo intrinsic on MAIL-USERS dataset
                13: more mailboxes defined than license allows
                14: n/a
                15: n/a
                16: missing "CONTROL" record in database-corrupt installation
                17: image error updating "CONTROL" record
                18: image error - see $STDLIST for details
                19: missing MAIL-USERS record for mailbox
                20: incorrect mailbox or bad/missing mailbox password
                25: internal error#9001; blank hostname in mail-to-forward
                26: internal error#9002; blank hostname in mail-to-forward
                27: internal error#9003; blank hostname in mail-to-forward
                28: internal error#9004; blank hostname in mail-to-forward
                32: unable to dbopen SMTPDB.DATABASE.THREEK
                33: error encountered in NETINIT.PUB.THREEK
B.09 03/11/13 Moved execution of NETINIT.PUB.THREEK global command file
              before any other JCW checks, so global JCW values can be
              set in that file
B.09 03/11/13 Added a new JCW; NetMailTextAttach -
               value 0 (or not set) implies all text files being attached
               to messages get flagged as "INLINE" and will not include
               MIME headers with NAME= tags (unless the PCFILES filecode
               specifies attachment- or the ;ATTACH keyword is added to
               the attached filename in command-line mode)
               value 1 forces all text attachments to be labelled as
               separate attachments and WILL include ;NAME= MIME tags
B.09 03/11/12 Correctly implemented inline vs attachment labels:
               -text files attached to a message will be tagged "inline"
                (and will NOT include ;NAME= MIME tags) ***UNLESS***
                1) the filecode is 9979 or similar (text/report)
                2) in command interface you add ;ATTACH to the filename
                  being attached; i.e.
                   Filename to attach: report.data.sys;ATTACH
               Note that the stripping of NAME= tags from INLINE attachments
               is required since M$ Outlook ignore the disposition INLINE if
               there is any NAME= tag present.

B.09 03/11/10 Replaced obsolete NMLAUNCH program (used for PC auto-multimedia
               application launch) with windows "START " shell command
B.09 03/11/02 Messages with very long headers (continued across lines) were
               sometimes causing netmail to hang while attempting to display.
               The problem specifically was header lines with long unbroken
               text strings (where we couldn't find a blank or special
               character within the string to break the line when displaying)
B.09 03/02/12 Attachment of PC files with blanks in the names using Reflection
               now works
B.09 03/01/30 Fixed issue where 'delete' command was failing in batch mode
               when told to delete a single message
B.09 02/11/20 email to a forwarded local mailbox will now correctly include
               a custom domain.org in the appropriate to/cc header if one is
               defined for that mailbox
B.08 02/06/18 Corrected (recently introduced) problem where sending from one
               local user to another local user -who is setup with a different
               domain name than the sender- the address on the To/Cc lines
               reflected the SENDER's domain and not the recipient
B.07 01/08/22 Added new parameter ;ATTACH which can be added to filenames
               being attached (in command line mode only) which forces a
               text attachment to be treated as "ATTACHMENT" vs "INLINE".
B.07 01/08/17 Fixed support for bytestream binary (BASE64) files, including
               mpe names (w/filecodes) and posix names (w/extensions)
B.07 00/11/16 Fixed REPLY command to not upshift email address being
               reply'd to
              Fixed mailing list add/edit screens to also not upshift
               the email address
B.07 00/03/21 Modified to generate Importance: high header (in addition to
               others) for urgent messages for M$ Exchange/Outlook users
B.07 00/03/09 Modified internal locking strategy to increase performance and
               concurrency. Adding records to MESSAGES set now locks on INDEX
               vs entire dataset.
B.07 99/11/22 Print a banner (page header) on mail messages sent to the
              printer containing TO:, DATE: (& time), FROM:, and SUBJECT:.
              "ON" by default; to turn "OFF": SETJCW NETMAILPAGEHEAD=0.
B.07 99/06/02 Added new trusted-gateway routing option "R"=Y w/no source
              routing, and "A"=F w/no source routing
B.07 98/05/18 Fixed bug where desk user's addresses entered in netmail (where
              netmail & desk are running on the same system) were not resolv-
              ing unless fully qualified with location/sublocation
B.07 98/04/23 Corrected the on-line help for CS-Filter and Finger options
B.07 98/04/21 Netmail now supports the "rnotify" feature (see features file)
B.07 98/04/06 NetMail now automatically uses the timezone offset from the
              :SHOWCLOCK command in message Date: headers, and the timezone
              string from the "TZ" variable if set (these will override the
              settings in the NETMAINT program global settings screen!)
              called NETMAILSIGPROMPT to control whether or not to prompt
              for a SIG file. 0=prompt as normal; 1=if prompted, auto-reply
              with a 'yes'; 2=if prompted, auto-reply with 'no'
B.07 98/03/09 Added a JCW called LISTBEHAVIOUR which will control whether
              or not to prompt to expand a mailing list in distribute'mail.
B.07 98/03/03 Changed criteria for SHOW ALL lists from ="owner","$PUBLIC",
              "$SYSTEM" to "owner",flag=N,flag=G, so that MENU mode and
              command mode would match.
B.07 98/02/19 You can now mail a file that's text/ (i.e. text/html)
              where before netmail only allowed a text/plain to be the main
              body part
B.07 98/02/17 Can now attach an MPE file and encode it using Minisoft MS92
              "save file attributes" format
B.06 98/01/09 Added a "Priority: Urgent" header on outbound messages for
              urgent messages
B.06 97/12/04 Was unable to remove a .sig (signature) file in menu mode; now
              accepts "$REMOVE" to blank it out
B.06 97/10/28 Was unable to specify a ./filename in command(batch) mode on
              the send command; now fixed
B.06 97/10/14 files with large record sizes attached to messages were
              sometimes sometimes sending a corrupted copy due to a buffering
              problem now fixed.
B.06 97/10/14 Text files (files recognized as text/plain) when being attached
              to messages if not *explicity* .txt (per PCFILES file codes)
              will now be designated as "attachments" as opposed to "inline"
              parts. For example; filecode 9979 (.rpt) will attach a text file
              but designate it as an "attachment" (and include the filename).
B.06 97/08/01 MG?????? files "hanging" around after exiting NetMail now
              get cleaned up.
B.06 97/04/03 Hitting the "Done/Go on" key when in the subject box when
              composing a message used to ignore the subject (it would go
              out blank); that has been fixed
B.06 97/02/14 Now supports 8-bit character sets by converting from/to
              the local HP-ROMAN8 and the international ISO-8859-1
              character sets.
B.06 97/02/12 The COMPOSE/SEND message selection now prompts for a new
              message or send-an-existing-file; also the subsequent
              screen was greatly simplified
B.06 97/02/04 License file now supports dates>1999.
B.05 96/12/12 Email (creating by some systems) with only LFs (no CRs) for
              EOLs now will yield complete (no leading lines missing)
              attachments upon saving (MIME messages)
B.05 96/12/12 Display line counter for "screen full" prompt now correct
              reading Quoted-Printable messages
B.05 96/10/22 COPY {msgid} TO {file};NOHEAD - the first line of {file} now
              begins with the body (used to be a blank line)
B.05 96/10/17 Attempting to "SAVE" an attachment to a pre-existing file would
              produce an error message (correct) but purge the file anyway.
B.05 96/10/08 Users can now create a folder called "$SENT" and copies of any
              messages they send will be copied there
B.04 96/10/07 the "!" substitute character for use in the JCL screens/dataset
              can now be redefined as another or a string of characters.
              JCL line syntax:  #NETMAIL REPLACE {any string}
                                COMMENT NETMAIL REPLACE {any string}
B.04 96/08/01 Control-y interrupt now works in native mode version
B.04 96/06/24 Fixed problem where a bad filename (or HP Enter key) hit at the
              'file to attach' prompt [in command interface only] caused the
              message to be lost/not sent.
B.04 96/06/12 Native Mode version
B.03 96/06/04 Fixed several problems with REVIEW/EXPAND of maillists where
              users could review others private maillists using the command
              line interface
B.03 96/06/03 Users were unable to subscribe/unsubscribe (in command line
              interface) to $PUBLIC maillists whose security was "N" (vs
              "G" which did work)
B.03 96/05/14 Name="" and filename="" no longer includes path qualifications
              of file attached.
B.03 96/02/28 Some incoming messages to forwarded-mailboxes were getting
              folder fields null-filled, which didn't show up in mail lists
B.03 96/02/20 Sending/attaching files would fail sometimes due to attempt to
              open exclusively.  If this fails, now an attempt is made to open
B.03 96/02/09 Fixed display problem for HP2392A terminals
B.03 96/01/28 Fixed bug in autolisting setting (command mode)
B.03 95/12/12 If domain nameserver field in global (netmaint) ="#" then
              ignore DNS - don't try to do NSlookups on hostnames
B.02 95/12/10 Enhanced display for VERIFY and SHOW commands - and now sorting is

              incorporated in many places that display lists
B.02 95/11/05 Fixed FORWARD prompt not accepting multiple names on one line
              separated by commas.
B.02 95/11/02 Fixed notification code to notify ALL logged on sessions for
              each mailuser (formerly skipped all after the first QUIET
              session in some cases)
B.02 95/10/30 Added new "new messages" option under folders pull-down menu
B.02 95/07/19 On REPLYs, now 'cleans up' addresses before comparing them;
              so users don't get prompted with windows to pick the replyto
              address if from/sender/reply-to were the same address with
              different descriptions or comments
B.02 95/07/08 Fixed problem with mailnames>16 characters on mailing lists
              were getting truncated to 16 bytes
B.02 95/07/07 No longer notify yourself (on other sessions) when you send
              yourself mail
B.02 95/07/06 Fixed bug when address on mailing list is forwarded to an
              invalid user - was looping, now gets returned undeliverable
B.02 95/07/07 Fixed delete and read-receipt verifications to only prompt
              ONCE per message - even if there were multiple copies of the
              same message in the users mailbox
B.02 95/06/20 Netmail now looks for the file "LOCKOUT.PUB.THREEK" - if present
              it won't let anyone new into the mail system
B.01 95/06/19 Local recipients now get "@hostname" added to mailaddress in
              message headers
B.01 95/06/19 Fixed (command mode) EXPAND command to work with mailing list
              names which contain an imbedded space or slash ("/")
B.01 95/06/19 Fixed (command mode) CREATE command to work for folder names
              with imbedded spaces or slashes ("/")
B.01 95/05/30 Sendq (invoked by SEND MESSAGE fkey) had garbage in filename
              field (in popup window). FKey changed to use "SEND" command
              (instead of SENDQ) to avoid window in command-line mode; also
              fixed SENDQ popup window
B.01 95/05/30 New users created when SECURED-MAILSYSTEM=N were not getting
              all fields initialized correctly.
B.01 95/05/30 SET MODE=MENU, SET UUENCODE, and SET MIME options were not
              documented in help catalog (command-line interface)
B.01 95/05/05 replying to a message - 'loading file' message appears
              over display
B.01 95/05/01 attachment C-T-E: BASE64 C-T: Text/plain couldn't be saved as a
              text file (rec=-80)
B.01 95/04/12 Cancelling a reply or forward now (correctly) skips all
              remaining dialogue
B.01 95/04/03 NetMail now supports loading of QEDIT files (code=111)
B.01 95/04/03 Now able to edit subject and other options on FORWARDs
B.01 95/03/07 Signature files weren't getting attached on REPLYs - fixed now
B.01 95/03/07 Now able to edit subjects on REPLYs and set other options
B.01 95/03/07 BINHEX attachments now parsed correctly
B.01 95/01/27 Fixed bug which allowed a user to REMOVE a $PUBLIC mailing list
B.01 95/01/12 when run with ;INFO=" " the user is no longer prompted for the
              mail password (should not have been in the first place)
B.01 94/12/23 in command mode on initial listing  will now
              be set to the first unread/urgent message
B.01 94/12/23 FILEing a message will now update the  if
              you filed the current message
B.01 94/12/22 next message id (in command mode) will ONLY reflect the next
              message id in the CURRENT folder.
B.01 94/12/21 File (into folder) didn't work if folder name had blanks in it
B.01 94/12/09 Fixed problem with COPY command (unusual case) related to saving
              to PC
B.01 94/12/09 Fixed problem where COPY command (and sometimes SAVE ATTACHMENT)
              would leave a MGxxxxxx file on the system
A.06 94/10/20 Added check for JCW NETMAILHPTERM - if =1, then netmail will
              treat the user's terminal as a termtype10 (and allow all
              appropriate escape sequences) for hp terminals or emulators
              which log on as a termtype other than 10.
A.06 94/07/25 Quoted-printable body types weren't decoding when sent to
A.06 94/07/25 Quoted-printable messages printed to $LOCAL were locking up
A.06 94/07/25 text/enriched body parts weren't being displayed
A.06 94/06/01 Wasn't recognizing uuencoded attachments with filenames that
              started with a digit (vs a letter)
A.06 94/05/13 Fixed bug which would let user enter another user's maillist
              as a recipient; mail would be accepted but not delivered
A.06 94/04/12 Setting the "force all mail through trusted gateway" on the
              global defaults screen to "F" now passes any unqualified
              mailbox name that doesn't exist locally to the trusted
              gateway to resolve. Local addresses and fully qualified
              remote addresses aren't affected.
A.06 94/04/04 Undeliverable messages now include the intended recipient's
              address and any available error messages
A.06 94/03/25 Added a code for local users to specify that they never want
              to wait on hostname lookups.
A.06 94/03/25 Modified code so that if the force-default-gateway global
              setting is on, then don't bother trying to do hostname
              lookups; just pass address to background process to handle
A.06 94/03/25 preceeding a mail address with "&" defers the looking up
              of the hostname, and forces it to be resolved later.
              (Useful if nameserver queries are taking a long time,
               or when the nameserver is offline)
              For instance: To: &support@3kassociates.com
              (will bypass any nameserver lookup and return immediately)
A.06 94/03/25 REPLYs (in command mode) now prompt to use either the
              REPLY-TO address or FROM/Sender address (if different)
A.06 94/03/25 User interface now lists mail messages as being "from"
              the address in the "From:" field in the message, as
              opposed to the SMTP MAIL FROM: command
A.06 94/03/25 We now call an MX resolver to determine if a system has MX
              (mail redirect) records present, and handles the direct
              delivery itself.
A.06 94/03/21 Can now set signature= !filename, which forces sig to be
              included always (no prompting)
A.06 94/03/21 FILE command now accepts "@" for all mail in current folder,
              and "@NEW" for all NEW mail in current folder
A.06 94/01/20 Added user commands to create, edit, and delete private mailing
              lists (ADD and REMOVE commands)
A.05 93/11/30 Fixed bug with UNSUB which deleted wrong user from public list
A.05 93/11/28 Fixed bug is SUBSCRIBE/UNSUB commands - missing parameter
              when function key was used
A.05 93/10/11 Expanded size of intermediate file to allow for larger message
A.05 93/10/11 New option SET AUTOLIST=NEW (only auto-lists new messages)
A.05 93/10/11 New option SET NOHEAD ON|OFF limits SMTP headers printed
A.05 93/10/11 Fixed problem; when user has multiple mailboxes, each time
              one was selected, a new ALIAS record was added.
A.05 93/10/11 Fixed problem; when user has multiple mailboxes, when prompted
              to select a mailbox, a new name could be entered and would be
              added as a new mailbox
A.05 93/10/11 "////" option added when selecting recipients (when sending a
              message). It deletes all previously entered recipients and lets
              the user start over with recipients.
A.05 93/10/11 Added a "SET DELETEVERIFY ON|OFF" option which prompts for each
              message being deleted
A.05 93/10/11 Added a "SET AUTOREPLY ON|OFF" - default=on, can be turned off
              to disable automatic read-receipts
A.05 93/10/11 Added a shortcut to select a folder "@folder", or just "@"
              which returns to the INBOX folder
A.05 93/10/11 Added a "FORWARD msg reciplist" command to forward a message
              from the current folder to another user
A.05 93/10/11 Undeliverable messages are now encapsulated as an attachment
              to a new message and returned
A.05 93/10/11 Added "SET AUTOMM ON|OFF" to specify whether netmail will
              automatically download and invoke attachments it knows how to
              handle (for reflection users)
A.05 93/10/11 Added a floating button pallette for R1Win 4.0+ users which
              gets downloaded/invoked automatically if the PC environment
              variable "NETMAILBTN=1" is set
A.05 93/10/11 Checks for PC environment variable "NETMAILMM", if set will
              use that value as the drive:directory to store PC download
              files and NetMail PC executables
A.05 93/10/11 Installation process for updates now determines the number of
              mailboxes already installed and will ensure that the new
              database doesn't reduce any capacities
A.04 93/06/14 Changed default for file attachments to BASE64 encoding
A.04 93/06/14 Added support for BASE64 and BINHEX encoding
A.04 93/06/14 Added a SET AUTOLIST=ON|OFF command
A.04 93/06/14 Added a SET PAUSE=YES|NO to pause messages while being read

**** ******** NETMFLAG PROGRAM
A.06 94/03/01 Modified to support new PMSDB (security database) format

**** ******** PMS2MAIL PROGRAM
B.07 97/02/14 Modified to support latest PMSDB (security database) formats
              as well as changes to SMTPDB (mail database)
A.06 94/03/01 Modified to support new PMSDB (security database) format

**** ******** RULES PROGRAM
B.08 01/09/04 Added code to support extended logging - records processing
               of each message processed
B.07 98/04/21 Fixes to support the "rnotify" feature (see features file)
B.06 97/11/19 Added support for "XEQ" action in NetMail rules; will now
              execute a simple command file if designated

B.09 02/09/04 Re-coded script to eliminate spurious carriage control

**** ******** VE2MAIL PROGRAM
B.07 98/09/10 Added two formatting options for first.last and last.first
B.06 98/01/23 Converted to native mode
B.01 94/11/04 Added firstname_lastname option
A.06 94/10/01 Modified to support new PMSDB (security database) format

**** ******** XEQ SCRIPTS
B.09 02/09/04 ACCTPASS : Returns mpe account password for a specified account
B.09          ADDTOEXC : Add IP Address to EXCLUDES file
B.09          ALLCAP   : Runs DBCAP MPEX scripts on DBs in DBLIST.DATA.SYS fil
B.09 02/09/04 BACKDAYS : Sets CIVars for dates 'n' days back
B.09          BLDUVOL  : Creates ACCTUVOL control file for NEW/ALTGROUP UDCs
B.09          CAPJOB   : STREAMX a job to adjust database capacity
B.09          CAPLOG   : MPEX CMD file to record database capacities to logfil
B.09          CHECKADR : Check email address for loops(filter our autoresponde
B.09          CHECKCAP : MPEX cmd file to check database capacities
B.09 02/09/04 CHEKHOST : Checks host name/dns-name against criteria to decide
                         if it warrants inclusion in blacklists
B.09          CHEKPASS : If _oldpass<>_newpass then set user password to
B.09          CHEKTLD  : Extract domain and check against REFUSE_TLD blacklist
B.09          CHKGRP   : Reports on MPE groups and their volume sets
B.09          CHKUDC   : Reports logon UDCs for a set of users
B.09          CLASS    : Looks up ldev in CLASSES.DATA.SYS to report device
B.09          CON      : Sets console to ldev (default is 8)
B.09 03/12/24 CTYPE    : Checks a content-type CHARSET= string against a list
                         of non-allowed charsets from BADSETS.DATA.THREEK
B.09 02/09/04 DAYSOF   : Calcuates the number of days in a given month
B.09          DOW      : Compute day-of-week for a date
B.09          DOWNLOAD : HPDesk script to download a file to a PC
B.09          DSKUSAGE : Email disc usage report to a user
B.09          DSP      : Command file to delete spoolfile(s)
B.09          EMAILUPD : Save attachments from NetMail emailed update
B.09          ERC      : Copy NetMail errorlog to local (flat) file (ERL)
B.09 02/09/04 ERRSCAN  : Scans NetMail error log and creates a report of SPAM
                         messages intercepted for a specified mailbox
B.09 02/09/04 EXTLOG   : Sets the Extended Logging status for NetMail job
B.09          FEDXCONF : Retrieve delivery info for a FedEx package id
B.09 02/09/04 FILERPT  : Uses MPEX&Security/3000 to email a report of all
                         files created by the specified user in PUB or USG@
                         groups of all accounts
B.09          FINDBOX  : Uses extract (created by QDUMP) and reports the
                         mailbox that would be linked to a given job,user.acct
B.09 02/09/04 FINDDJOB : Finds and deferred pri=1 or pri=2 jobs in the queue
                         and sets Civar _numdjobs to the number of jobs found
B.09 02/09/04 FINDJOB  : Searches the system for specified session,user.acct
                         sets CIVar _found=1 if one/more is found
B.09          FIXDEV   : Set outdev of spoolfile based on streamer's homegroup
B.09          FIXDEVR  : Set outdev of spoolfile based on owner (parm)
B.09 02/09/04 GETPASS  : Sets CIVar _oldpass to current MPE pass for a user
B.09 02/09/04 GETTLD   : Parses the top-level-domain for a domain name
B.09          HEATMAIL : Email spoolfile to production administrators
B.09 02/09/04 HOMEGRP  : Sets CIVar to MPE HOME group for a user
B.09 02/09/04 INFO     : Sample command file (like to netmail mailbox) to
                         send auto-replys to any message sent to the mailbox
B.09          INVNTORY : Generate list of installed HP software on system
B.09 02/09/04 LASTDAY  : Sets CIVar 'lastday' to last day of specified month
B.09 02/09/04 LASTFILE : Sets CIVar to LAST filename in a fileset
B.09          LDEV     : Display the ldev# for a device name/class
B.09          LIMIT    : MPEX command file to set system limits w/out OP cap
B.09          LISTSERV : Listserv robot used by NetMail/3000
B.09          LOGOFF   : Script to log everyone off but yourself and console
B.09          LS       : List spool files with SELEQ options
B.09 02/09/04 LSP      : Lists a Spool File
B.09 02/09/04 MAILADDR : Gets email address from Security/3000 profile
B.09 02/09/04 MAILIT   : Determines owner of spoolfile then emails the report
                         to the user that created it (requires MPEX/Security)
B.09 02/09/04 MAILLOG  : renames all netmail log files to @YYMM
B.09 02/09/04 MAILTO   : emails a spoolfile to a specified userid (uses MPEX
                         &Security/3000 to retrieve email address of user)
B.09 02/09/04 MAILTOD  : Same as MAILTO but with option to delete spoolfile
                         after it's been emailed
B.09          MAILUPD  : Process NetMail ADE directory updates
B.09          MASSCONF : Process file of package IDs getting delivery
                          confirmations via web from UPS/USPS/FEDEX
B.09          MENU     : Use Security/3000 menu
B.09 02/09/04 MODD1JOB : launches all PRI=1 deferred jobs on the system ONE
                         AT A TIME (i.e. launches one, waits for it to
                         finish, then launches the next one)
B.09 02/09/04 MODD2JOB : Alters all PRI=2 deferred jobs to PRI=14 to run
                         concurrently (per system LIMITs)
B.09          MSGRESET : Uses MSGRESET.UTILPRIV.SYS to set system logon messag
B.09          MSGSET   : Sets the system Login message and prompt
B.09          MYPASS   : Uses MPEX to retrieve the calling user's own MPE
B.09          NSUSERS  : Beechglan script to list all VT users and their
                          machine names
B.09 02/09/04 OPSMAIL  : Email a report to 'operations' - with list of
                         operations users in a file called HPOPS.DATA.SYS
B.09 02/09/04 PARSEFRM : Parses an email address for MPE, 'escaping' all
                         < and > characters as !< and !> (so the address will
                         work when passed to an MPE script)
B.09          PASSYNCH : Sets MPE Account password in Ecometry databases
B.09 02/09/04 PATCHMAN : Mark Bixby's wonderful script that will automatically
                         retrieve and pre-load MPE patches from HP's FTP site
B.09          PCPRINT  : HPDesk script to print HPDesk item on a slaved printe
B.09          PCUSERR1 : Retrieve PC (Windows) logon name via Reflection
B.09 02/09/04 PING     : Uses NETTOOL.NET.SYS to ping a host by NAME (vs IP)
B.09 02/09/04 PINGSTAT : PINGs a host and sets CIVar result codes. Optionally
                         emails an error report to a list of users if the host
                         is down
B.09 02/09/04 PINGTEST : Parses PING output
B.09          PRTCOUNT : Counts spoolfiles by printer name
B.09          QDUMP    : Uses QUERY/3000 to dump ALIASES data to a flat file
B.09 02/09/04 RBL      : Real-time blacklist control file. If executed in the
                         NetMail/3000 background job, enables strong SPAM
                         protection. Many modifiable options.
B.09 02/09/04 RECLOOK  : Looks for a pending REPLY containing a specified
                         string. Sets CIVars to pin and message if found
B.09          RUN      : HPDesk script to RUN a program (i.e. PCLINK.PUB.SYS)
B.09          SAVEFILE : Saves attachment from an email message as MPE file
B.09 02/09/04 SENDATT  : Emails a MPE file as an 'attachment'
B.09 02/09/04 SENDFILE : Emails a MPE file or spoolfile to a specified email
                         address (or list). No conversion done.
B.09 02/09/04 SENDHTML : Emails a MPE file or spoolfile to a specified email
                         address or list after first converting it to HTML
                         (simple prepended headers that force column alignment
                         using fixed-space fonts)
B.09          SENDMSG  : Sends a text file as an email message
B.09 02/09/04 SENDPDF  : Emails a MPE file or spoolfile to a specified email
                         address or list after first converting the file to
B.09 02/09/04 SENDRPTS : Emails all spoolfiles matching specified name to a
                          provided email address (i.e. send all $STDLISTS to
                          john.doe@acme.com). Uses SENDHTML to encode reports
                          as HTML pre-formatted
     03/01/07  Made fix to support passing mailbox and password for sender
B.09          SETPASS  : Sets an MPE password using MPEX & Security/3000
B.09 02/09/04 SHOWCONS : Shows who is logged on to the system console
B.09 02/09/04 SHOWVOL  : Shows the volume set and sectors used for each MPE
                         account, group, or posix directory
B.09          SHUTJOBS : Stop all jobs in prep for a system reboot
B.09          SPAM2DAY : Joins errorlog data from a remote system with local
                         system, then prompts for email addresses to search
                         for; generates an emailed report for each address
                         of all the SPAM messages blocked in the last 'n'
                         days (useful for daily status reports)
B.09          SPAMRPT  : Report stats on SPAMs blocked in last 'n' days
B.09          SPAMTRAP : Mailbox pipe-script to auto-add incoming IP to
                         excludes file; attached to mailboxes specifically
                         'seeded' on websites to attract spammers
B.09 02/09/04 SPCHECK  : Checks a spoolfile to determine if 1st two records
                         are only carriage control (unprintable) characters
B.09 02/09/04 SPCLEAN  : Purges all spoolfiles older than 'n' days
B.09          SPINL    : Uses SPIN to get status of a printer(s)
B.09          SQF      : Squish a fileset
B.09 02/09/04 STRMDBY  : Pass it the dfid# of a $STDLIST and it will set a
                         CIVar to the job/session info that streamed the job
B.09          SUBMITBL : Sends email to online blacklist requesting add of an
B.09 02/09/04 TAIL     : Prints last 'n' lines of a specified file
B.09 02/09/04 TRACEOFF : Turns NetMail job traceing on (realtime)
B.09 02/09/04 TRACEON  : Turns NetMail job traceign off (realtime)
B.09 02/09/04 UPDATE   : Dynamically updates NetMail/3000 software from a
                         update file retrieved from 3kassociates.com (Stream GETUPD.JOB
                         to retrieve the update file)
B.09          UPLOAD   : HPDesk script to upload file from PC
B.09          UPSCONF  : Gets UPS Delivery info for a package from their web
B.09          USPSCONF : Gets USPS Delivery info for a package from their web
B.09 02/09/04 VACATION : Sample 'vacation' style auto-responder for out-of-
                         office messages
B.09          VEREMAIL : Verify the domain name of an email address using DNS
B.09 02/09/04 WAITFOR  : waits for a specific jobname,user.account to log off
B.09 02/09/04 WAITFORJ : waits for a specific job number to log off
B.09 02/09/04 WORD     : Searches a string for another string; sets CIVar
                         to result (multi-process friendly)
B.09          XEQCICMD : execute a mail message as MPE CI commands
B.09 02/09/04 ZAP      : Security/3000 & VEAudit; deletes MPE userid AND
                         Security/3000 profiles for specified username