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Latest Updates

Welcome to our software updates page! This page provides links to the latest features and fixes for the following 3k Associates, Inc. software products:

  • NetMail/3000
  • Pop Server/3000
  • DeskLink
  • API/3000

Internet Explorer Channel Subscribers will be automatically notified (via your subscription parameters) whenever these pages are updated. You can view the following pages to see what's new and/or what's fixed:

For those of you with FTP access from your HP3000s directly to the Internet, you can stream off the "GETUPD.JOB.THREEK" job stream to retrieve the latest release for your system automatically. Once it's arrived, just sign on as MGR.THREEK and type :UPDATE.XEQ to install the new release. No need to stop the background job or interrupt your users; the update process should only take a few minutes. Once done, the next time your restart the background job (or an interactive user runs NetMail/3000) the new code will be used.

If you don't have the GETUPD.JOB job stream, you can get it by clicking on this link; get the GETUPD.JOB job stream. For those sites without ftp access from their HP3000, on-line updates are always available in reflection (R1 labeled) format as well as HP3000 "Mover" format.

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