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HP3000 FAQ

HPe3000 FAQ

HP 3000 FAQ

HP3000-L FAQ Contributors

13. The contributors to the FAQ

The authors/contributors of various pieces of information are noted by their initials in the right margin of the start of the text. The initials used (and the person's full name/contact information) are listed here.

A sad commentary on the Internet today; since there are so many automated spamming tools scanning web pages to find e-mail addresses to attack, we have taken the liberty of disguising every address on this page (so as to not be another source of spam-unition for the people that have contributed so much to this effort). So, if you wish to contact any of these people, simply remember to remove the ".nospam" from the e-mail address before using it.

Initials Name               E-mail address         Phone#     Fax#

ADA      A. Dean Andrews    dean@DRA.COM.nospam
BD       Brian Duncombe     brian@triolet.com.nospam
BJ       Bob Jankowski      bobj@icsgroup.net.nospam
BG       Bob Gerade         geradeb@CORP.MACOM.COM.nospam
BR       Billy Rowland      wmrowland@aol.com.nospam
BT       Bruce Toback       btoback@opt.COM.nospam
CB       Chris Bartram      rcb@3kassociates.com.nospam
CF       Craig Fairchild    fairchld@HPMPES2.CUP.HP.COM.nospam
CL       Charles Leader     cleader@NETCOM.COM or leaderc@slrmc.org.nospam
CLH      Christian Lheureux lheurex@btwcomputing.com.nospam
CR       Chris Ransom       chris@surfcity.com.nospam
CR2      Chris Rice         RICE_CHRIS/CTC@ctc.ctc.edu.nospam
CV       Craig Vespe        cv@unison.com.nospam
CMCR     Cathlene McRae     cathlene_mcrae@hp.com.nospam
DB       Denys Beauchemin   Denysb@AOL.COM.nospam
DC       Damian Coffey      damian@HPARC0.AUS.HP.COM.nospam
dg       Donna Garverick    dgarverick@longs.com.nospam
DH       Dan Hollis         dhollis@pharmcomp.com.nospam
DP       Doug Perry         dperry@CUP.HP.COM.nospam
DW       Doug Werth         doug@beechglen.com.nospam
EJS      Eric Schubert      Eric.J.Schubert.1@nd.edu.nospam
EL       Eero Laurila       eero@CUP.HP.COM.nospam
ER       Evan Rudderow      RUDDEROWE@PCMAIL01.SYSTEMS.GEC.COM.nospam
FL       Frank Letts        hfletts@tiwtools.com.nospam
FMC      Frank McConnell    frank@twg.com.nospam
GAH      Geoff Harper       gah@3kassociates.com.nospam
GC       Glenn Cole         gcole@netcom.com.nospam
GEO      George Stachnik    stachnik@CUP.HP.COM.nospam
GK       Gary Koerzendorfer garyk@cup.hp.com.nospam
GS       Gavin Scott        gavin@allegro.com.nospam
GSA      Giles Schipper     gilles@GSAINC.COM.nospam
Guy      Guy Smith          guy@telamon.com.nospam
JB       John Beckett       jbeckett@southern.edu.nospam
JBa      Jon Backus         jb0003@epfl2.epflbalto.org.nospam
JC       Joe Campbell       joe@mail.msen.com.nospam
JD       Jon Diercks        jon@anderson.edu.nospam
JeB      Jerry Bostik       0083942@ccmail.emis.hac.com.nospam
JK       Jeff Kell          jeff-kell@utc.edu.nospam
JL       Jeff Lindberg      lindberg@PO-1.AEA9.K12.IA.US.nospam
JMC      John Clark         jmclark@interlog.com.nospam
JO       James Overman      joverman@HPRPCD.ROSE.HP.COM.nospam
JP       John Pearce        jpearce@rmii.com.nospam
JPH      James Hofmeister   jph@hpuerca.atl.hp.com.nospam
JV       Jeff Vance         jvance@HPMPEA2.CUP.HP.COM.nospam
JW       Jim Wowchuck       jim@VCS.COM.AU.nospam
KP       Kyle Parrish       KYLE@POBOX.HPRF.ODU.EDU.nospam
KH       Ken Hirsch         kenhirsch@myself.com.nospam
KR       Ken Robertson      KEN_ROBERTSON@ROBELLE.COM.nospam
KS       Ken Sletten        ksletten@KPT894A.KPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL.nospam
KV       Ken Vickers        KenVickers@csllink.com.nospam
LA       Lars Appel         lappel.3000@web.de.nospam
LH       Lyn Hirsch         lynrene@hpisrvy.cup.hp.com.nospam
LB       Larry Byler        lbyler@CUP.HP.COM.nospam
LB2      Larry Boyd         lboyd@CAPELLA.CUP.HP.COM.nospam
LSB      Leonard Berkowitz  Leonard_Berkowitz@hphc.org.nospam
MB       Mike Berkowitz     michael@guess.com.nospam
MB2      Mark Bixby         mark@bixby.org.nospam
MDH      Michael Hensley    michaelh@allegro.com.nospam
MH       Mike Hornsby       mike@BEECHGLEN.COM.nospam
MK       Martin Knapp       av84@DIAL.PIPEX.COM.nospam
MK2      Mark Klein         mklein@smtpgate.orbitsw.com.nospam
MP       Mike Paivinen      paivinen@cup.hp.com.nospam
MR       Mike Ryan          miker@c4450u01.esr.hp.com.nospam
MR2      Mark Ranft         RANFT000@mail.genmills.com.nospam
MW       Mike Whiteley      Mike@WHITELEY.DEMON.CO.UK.nospam
MY       Mike Yawn          myawn@cup.hp.com.nospam
NA       Neil Armstrong     Neil_Armstrong@robelle.com.nospam
NOF      Nils-Olov Fransson nof@SS.GU.SE.nospam
PAC      Pete Crosby        pac@ATL.HP.COM.nospam
PG       Paul Gobes         Paul_Gobes@robelle.com.nospam
PHC      Paul H. Christidis phchristidis@ccgate.hac.com.nospam
PL       Peggy Lacy         peggyl@mayfield.hp.com.nospam
PT       Paul Taffel        ptaffel@netcom.com.nospam
RLE      Rick Ehrhart       Rick_Ehrhart@HP.COM.nospam
RAT      Rich Trapp         rat@disc.com.nospam
RC       Rick Clark         rclark@WELTMAN.COM.nospam
RG       Richard Gambrell   RICHARD.GAMBRELL@XULA.EDU.nospam
RH       Rene Hindriks      pcn@EURONET.NL.nospam
RM       Randy Medd         randy@telamon.com.nospam
RM2      Robert Mills       robert.mills@windsong-services.co.uk.nospam
SC       Steve Cole         SteveCole@aol.com.nospam
SD       Steve Dirickson    sdiricks@kpt.nuwc.navy.mil.nospam
SE       Steve Elmer        selmer@netscape.com.nospam
SS       Stan Sieler        sieler@allegro.com.nospam
StS      Stephen Sun        admin@BERING.COM.nospam
TBS      Tony Shepherd      tbs@world.std.com.nospam
WG       Warren Gill        warren_gill@unison.com.nospam
WRS      Bill Sutton        wrs@hpuerca.atl.hp.com.nospam

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