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HP3000 FAQ

HPe3000 FAQ

HP 3000 FAQ

Daylight Savings Time and the HP3000  Daylight Savings Time

The following job, provided by Frank Letts, can be scheduled every Sunday night and will automatically switch to/from daylight savings time when the time comes. The job sets the time zone using the SETCLOCK command.

**The job has been updated to reflect the new time zone rules effective in 2007.

!COMMENT Changing the system time or time
!COMMENT zone will introduce any jobs
!COMMENT streamed with a time specification
!COMMENT (;AT=, ;DAY=,;DATE= or ;IN=) in
!COMMENT accordance with the newly-changed
!COMMENT system time. Thus, a job streamed
!COMMENT with ;AT=2:00 will be introduced
!COMMENT when the changed system time is
!COMMENT equal to 2:00.
!COMMENT In the spring when the time zone
!COMMENT is changed to a later time both
!COMMENT local time and the time zone offset
!COMMENT are changed immediately.
!COMMENT The effect is that users of local
!COMMENT system time will see an immediate
!COMMENT jump forward to the new time zone,
!COMMENT while users of Universal Time will
!COMMENT see no change.
!COMMENT In the fall the change in time zone
!COMMENT is to an earlier time. The time zone
!COMMENT offset is changed immediately.  Then
!COMMENT the local time slows down until the
!COMMENT system time corresponds to the time
!COMMENT in the new time zone.
!COMMENT **********************************************
!COMMENT * Change the system clock TO STANDARD TIME
!COMMENT * on the last Sunday in October.
!COMMENT * Change the system clock TO DAYLIGHT TIME
!COMMENT * on the first Sunday in April.
!COMMENT * 96/10/25 MJA - Initial development
!COMMENT **********************************************
!COMMENT * This job should be streamed at 2:00 am.
!COMMENT * On the last Sunday of October and
!COMMENT * on the first Sunday of April.
!COMMENT * It's OK to stream it every Sunday at 2:00 am.
!COMMENT **********************************************
!if (hpyyyy<2007 and hpday = 1 and hpmonth = 10 and hpdate > 24) OR &
!   (hpyyyy>2006 and hpday = 1 and hpmonth = 11 and hpdate > 1) then
!  TELLOP *********************************************
!  TELLOP Changing the system clock to STANDARD TIME.
!  TELLOP The clock will S L O W   D O W N until
!  TELLOP we have fallen back one hour.
!  TELLOP *********************************************
!if (hpyyyy<2007 and hpday = 1 and hpmonth = 4 and hpdate < 8) or &
!   (hpyyyy>2006 and hpday = 1 and hpmonth = 3 and hpdate > 7 and &
!   hpdate<15) then
!  TELLOP *********************************************
!  TELLOP Changing the system clock to DAYLIGHT TIME.
!  TELLOP The clock jumped ahead one hour.
!  TELLOP *********************************************

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