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HP3000 FAQ

HPe3000 FAQ

HP 3000 FAQ

Hardware and Software requirements to connect an HP3000 to the Internet

4.4. HP3000s and the Internet

See the paper at http://www.3kassociates.com/ under the documentation section for detailed instructions on how to connect an HP3000 to the Internet.

4.4.1. H/W & S/W requirements

All MPE/iX capable HP3000s are able to connect to the Internet. Currently supported MPE/iX systems (5.5 and later) perform well with all the necessary software provided in FOS.

MPE/V systems required a special "hack" in NMMGR to support a default gateway (necessary to route packets to the Internet).

All PA-RISC HP3000s (MPE/XL and MPE/iX running systems) can communicate with the Internet with their built-in network interface cards (LAN interface used to also talk with DTCs). On MPE/V systems the LAN card and drivers were optional products.

MPE/iX systems can also communicate with the Internet via the optional 100BT network cards (though the drivers for this card were a separately PURCHASABLE product on MPE/iX releases before MPE/iX 7.0). MPE/iX 7.0 and later systems include the necessary drivers in FOS to support 100BT network cards.


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