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HPe3000 FAQ

HP 3000 FAQ

Serial Connections on the HP3000

4.1.6. Serial

Serial networking on classic HP3000s can be accomplished by control of modems on ATP/ADCC ports. MPE/iX systems only have serial ports on external DTC boxes, which are much more difficult to control for fancy low-level I/O work. [MPE/iX boxes do include a remote console port - a serial port built into the CPU - some models have more than one; but these ports are prone to all kinds of problems when anything other than plain terminal I/O is run on them... even terminal-emulator file-transfers are prone to difficulty on many of these ports.] In particular, since Control-A or Control-B trap handlers are present on these ports, data transfers are prone to trigger the Control-A console prompt, or Control-B ISL prompt.


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