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"Locked" files under HP3000 MPE/iX 5.0 (due to media errors)

3.13. "Locked" files under MPE/iX 5.0 (due to media errors)


Just because the logs do not indicate a disc problem does not necessarily indicate a media error did not occur. On 5.0 there is a new functionality which results in a file being made inaccessible if unrecoverable data was detected during a sparing operation on the way up. The file gets "locked".

Try going into FSCHECK (this is best done on an idle system or a hang or invalid results could possibly result) and execute the command "DISPLAYLOCKFILE ALL". This will check for locked files on all mounted volumes of all volume sets. What you must be aware of, if you find one, is that the file IS CORRUPT!! This functionality was implemented to allow users to recover data from the file if necessary, rather than:

1. pause a reboot and wait for an operator to decide if a file should be purged or saved

or 2. just purge the file, which is inconvenient at best and catastrophic at worst.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of console messages during a reboot, messages about such locked files are missed and then you have something of a mystery when someone asks where their file went.


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