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HP 3000 FAQ

What's the difference between "PUSH" and "PULL" releases for the HP3000?

3.1.2. What's the difference between "PUSH" and "PULL" releases?


The "pull" release is an early release that is available to the public, and supported (not beta), by request.  If you need a feature
available, a patch, or just want to try out the new O/S, you can contact the RC and request the "pull" release.  Generally, there may be a couple of features that were not completed yet for the "pull".

The "push" release is the completed version for features.  The shipping division (SRDO) will provide the "push" release to *every* customer on support for that O/S.  This means that within the "push" date, everyone on 3000 support should receive their new update within 3 or so months.


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