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DLT Drives on the HP3000

2.3.3. DLT Drives on the HP3000 Supported DLT drives on the HP3000


DLT4000s will operate with the appropriate FW-SCSI or SE-SCSI adapter on all supported MPE/iX operating systems.

DLT7000s will operate on all supported MPE/iX operating systems, but because of throughput limitations are only supported on FW-SCSI interfaces, and only supported with a single unit per FW-SCSI adapter.

DLTs operate in "streaming" mode, which requires a constant flow of data to the unit. Interrupting this unit (for slow I/O or waiting on resources) causes the unit to stop, back up, and reposition itself -- a VERY slow operation. So you REALLY want to ensure that your DLT can be fed a quick stream of data if you're at all interested in a speedy backup operation.

DLT8000 units will also reportedly operate on HP3000s running supported MPE/iX operating systems (configure them just like a DLT7000). Be aware of tape compatibility issues as well however.


The SDLT 320 is backward compatible with the SDLT 220. It is also read-backward compatible with DLT8000, 7000, 4000 and DLT1 PROVIDED you used DLT IV tapes. DLT III and DLTIIIXT and prior will NOT be read on the 220 and 320.

BTW, the SDLT 320 is the last of the DLT series that can read DLTIV tapes. The SDLT 600 is not able to do that.


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