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HP3000 FAQ

HPe3000 FAQ

HP 3000 FAQ

How to send messages to the HP3000-L

1.3. How to send messages to the list

On the Internet, if you wish to send an e-mail message to the list (i.e. to all the members of the list) the address it to:


Every member on the list will (eventually) get a copy of the message. When REPLY'ing to a message, be careful to specify whether you intend to send your reply to EVERYONE on the list, or merely the person that posed the original question/comment. A common mistake in replying to messages on mailing lists is to send the message (intended for an individual) to the entire mailing list accidentally.

By default, the list is configured to send out messages with a reply-to: header containing the address of the original sender of the message, so when you reply, unless you specifically add the list's email address, replies will ONLY go to the sender of the original message. This is done to intentionally make personal replies easier, and to cut down on "me too" type messages.

Newsgroup users can also post to the comp.sys.hp.mpe newsgroup; articles there are mirrored to the HP3000-L.

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