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 Some papers of interest to the HP 3000 community, including "How to connect an HP 3000 to the Internet", the early history of the HP3000, and discussions on E-mail standards.
Tips on configuring your HP3000 system to support e-mail and
An FAQ on NetMail/3000 and DeskLink provided by Entrix Computing Ltd.
The HP3000-L FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions document). Questions (and answers) compiled from dozens of HP3000-L mailing list participants around the world. Updated regularly!

A collection of articles by various authors on porting applications and programming tips for MPE/iX
A collection of articles by various authors on HP3000 system administration
Some wonderful and informative papers from the database geniuses at Adager - along with some papers from the gurus at VESoft.
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for all the latest HP 3000 industry news and information.

Search the official "HP3000-L" archives at the University of Tennessee
Browse HP's ITRC MPE Forums - post and review questions on all sorts of HP 3000 settings and applications.
HP's MPE/iX 5.0 and 5.5 (obsolete) manuals are online and available for viewing. Also, the LaserROM format manual sets are also available at http://invent3k.external.hp.com/~MGR.LROM3K/ -- where there is also an HTDig index available for searching.
Get information on the software product versions you need for Year 2000, MPE/iX 4.0, MPE/iX 5.0, and MPE/iX 5.5 compatibility for (most) HP3000 software vendors and packages.

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