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About information gathered on this site:

Information is collected through various methods throughout our web site. In this document, we provide a list of the types of information gathered and our policies as far as where and how this information is used. 3k Associates, Inc. is very concerned with privacy issues and strives to be both responsible and reasonable in our policies related to the collection and use of information gathered through our web sites.

Information gathered on this site includes:

  • Hostname, IP address, date/time, and web page(s) accessed

    • Web access information is gathered for statistical purposes only - as a means of gauging the relative success and popularity of our web site. Log information is viewable (via our statistics reports) but relates only to hosts accessing the site - no personal information is disclosed.

  • Contact information provided voluntarily for software demo-requests

    • Software demo-requests forms that are filled out include contact information (including name, phone, fax, media required, and shipping and billing information). This information is used internally by 3k Associates personnel only and is not shared with outside sources. This information is required in order to receive a demonstration package, and is used to ship requested products or demos and to contact those requesting said demos to follow up on progress and assist with any technical issues.

  • E-mail addresses and any other information voluntarily provided in e-mail messages sent to contact addresses at 3k Associates by web-site visitors

    • Information (including return e-mail addresses) on e-mail messages sent to 3k Associates is available only to 3k Associates personnel and is used only to respond to requests or questions posed. Return e-mail addresses will not be used for unrelated communications.

  • Name, company, and address information provided by entrants in the HP3000 trivia contest

    • Information provided for the trivia contest is used only to contact the winners (to deliver their prizes). The names and company (only) of the winners of each contest are posted on the web site for the duration of the next cycle of the contest. No other information is kept, nor is any of the data collected as a result of the contest shared with any other party(ies).

  • E-mail addresses of those that voluntarily sign up for our NetMail-L mailing list

    • Those that voluntarily sign up for the "Netmail-l" discussion group will receive messages from other members of the list (and are invited to share questions or solutions with the group). You may also receive copies of our electronic NetMail/3000 newsletter, issued approximately once every two months. This newsletter outlines features available in the commercial and/or freeware versions of our NetMail/3000 software

If you have any questions about our policies, you can reach us via telephone at +1 (703) 569-9189, fax at +1 (703) 451-3720.

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