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About 3k Associates, Inc.


A bit of history:

3k Associates, Inc., was founded in 1987 by Chris Bartram. After spending several years doing research and work with the DDN (Defense Data Network - the military portion of the network called the ARPA Net - which later became known as the Internet), 3k Associates launched it's first commercial product - NetMail/3000, in 1992. NetMail/3000 was the first Internet compatible (SMTP and MIME standard) electronic mail system ever available for the HP3000 computer systems. At the request of Jeff Kell (an HPDesk user and founder of the HP3000-L Internet mailing list from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) we also developed an SMTP/MIME e-mail gateway for HPDesk utilizing the powerful message engine we had developed to transport NetMail/3000 messages.

Since then, 3k has developed POP2 and POP3 servers, a Gopher server, and a standards-based email API for HP3000 platforms.

In 1996, after doing much consulting and web development work for various clients over the years, 3k formed a web hosting and development division, now known as Business CyberLink. 3k has operated and maintained web sites (and it's own Internet presence) since 1992 - long before most other organizations in the industry. Today we maintain our own Internet servers and broadband connection, and stay active in the Internet standards development organizations and anti-spam communities.

3k/Business Cyberlink also created the original web site for Springfield Virginia and is the official domain administrator for several .US domains including alexandria.va.us, herndon.va.us, and middleburg.va.us. We also maintain and host the Adopt-a-Pet website, helping animals find caring homes, and the Northern Virginia Table Tennis website.


3k Associates, Inc. is based in Springfield, Virginia, near the Springfield Interchange highway project.

How to reach us:

Click here for our contact information.

Our Primary Personnel:

Chris Bartram, President: Chris has been working with HP3000 computers for over 30 years in operations, programming, systems programming, analysis, systems management, security officer, and network management roles. Chris has written regular columns for Interact magazine, as well as numerous papers, and has given public presentations on security and HP3000 Internet connectivity. Chris has been active with Interex and the local Baltimore-Washington HP3000 Users Group (BWRUG) since the early 1980s.

Catherine Clark: Financials, Billing, Customer Service: Catherine has been with 3k Associates for the past 8 years. Prior to that her background included billing, contracts, and customer service with a large Internet services provider.

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