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HPe3000 UDCs and Command Files
Content originally gathered and formatted by Tim Ericson

Welcome! The files and links here are all HPe3000-specific.
If you use an HPe3000 computer, these will work for you!
Last updated Wednesday November 04, 2009

What Are UDCs and Command Files?

Sample UDCs and Command Files

Job/Session XEQs Disc File XEQs Spoolfile XEQs Account & User XEQs
Date XEQs Miscellaneous XEQs PowerHouse XEQs MPEX XEQs

Other websites with UDCs and Command Files:

The "command files and udcs" page on HP's Jazz Webserver, maintained by Jeff Vance.

Beechglen Development's HPe3000 Freeware Page.

Qedit Command Files on Robelle's Web Site (including the ARCHIVE UDC/Command File).

The "hp e3000 papers & training" page on HP's Jazz Webserver

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