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HP3000 Professionals...

Starting to feel like the old Maytag Repair Man?

The problem with the HP3000 is that it just sits there.

And runs. And runs.

And doesn't really take much care and attention. It just lets you get BUSINESS done. And that's a good thing.

And as we get on with business, we have to remember that there are a few things you have to keep an eye on - like any computer system - or things WILL stop working.

Disc space. The daily reports. Spool files. Backups.

But there's BUSINESS to do. Work to get done. Signing in to the 3000 every morning to check on all those reports is a time drain you could do without.

If only all those important reports and job listings just went to my email inbox...

And then there's the entire FOREST of trees that give their all every month so that someone can print those thousand page reports that get stacked on top of LAST month's report somewhere.

THAT's a shame. And it's even more of a shame when you consider that with a SINGLE line added to that job stream the report could be sent directly to their email inboxes, where it's instantly accessible - and will probably never need to be printed again.

There was a time when you could just download a copy of sendmail, ask around on the forums for hints on how to get that monster working (mostly) and ...

But if you pay any attention to those security notices that seem to appear weekly nowadays you know that if you're going to utilize a public domain package you better be prepared to keep it up to date.

Ever tried to download and build sendmail on an HP3000? It's not a task for the faint of heart.

There used to be a bunch of really talented folks (at HP and other sites) that kept up with those things. For a while you could download binaries of the latest public domain releases.

Bet you haven't seen many of those lately... And we all know you won't any longer. The talent base has largely moved on. And many of the folks still around are working hard on migrations... Or on learning new operating systems.

Even in its heyday, sendmail was a Unix application. It never understood what a "NMPRG" or "KSAM" file was. And CCTL on an HP3000 spool file?? Fuggedaboudit.


Why NetMail/3000?

NetMail/3000 was designed from the beginning as an HP3000 application. Native. It understands MPE file types and integrates easily into MPE job streams.

NetMail/3000 makes your life EASIER - not more complicated. See more details on NetMail/3000 here.